The Framed Theme responsive web design. Designed by Alejandra Segon
The Framed Theme responsive web design. Developed for Squarespace, and following D&AD - New Blood brief Designed by Alejandra Segon
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The Framed Theme

The Framed Theme is a simple, easy to use, fully customizable and responsive theme that will add vibrance to your work.


Squarespace enables anyone to create a beautiful space online. With a Squarespace website, creators, doers, and entrepreneurs can bring their passions to life in a beautiful and professional way with an all-in-one platform. Squarespace and creativity go hand in hand, and to build on this connection it wants to do even more to serve creative communities in a way that only Squarespace can. Now Squarespace is looking for the next generation of templates for the portfolio of the future. Squarespace understands that an exceptional portfolio is fundamental to showcasing work and getting hired as a creative. It also understands that it can seem pretty overwhelming (if you’re not a developer) to design and build an online portfolio that both works well and looks professional. Designers need simple and straightforward portfolio templates that are also flexible enough to allow customisation. And because we’re in an always-on world, that portfolio experience also needs to look great and be optimised for mobile. Design a new Squarespace website template for designers and creatives to showcase their work and get hired. This isn’t about creating a single, beautiful website. It’s about establishing a cohesive vision and design system which users can populate and customise to express their own creativity. It needs to reflect where the web is going, bringing together classic conventions and modern trends for a unique portfolio design.


Frames are tools used to highlight and enhance creative work,  separating it from its surroundings, stating that this is worth looking at. Developed for Squarespace, and following D&AD – New Blood brief, The Framed Theme will help you stand out your work while providing visual control. It is not only a template, it is a way of showcasing your work, a way of displaying it and a manner of signing your work.